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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 006

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Josh Martin

18 Aug 2023

An update on our Grey Aztecs, Tri Sliders and Power Cells!


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

A fairly short newsletter this week. We've been hard at work on various current projects and future projects.

This week we have an update on Grey Aztecs, Tri Sliders and Power Cells.

Production Update: Grey Aztecs

The other week we had a slight issue with the greys, but that's a story for another time and something that we were able to sort out very quickly. Once sorted we cracked on with work on the Grey Aztecs. Painting has continued, with Josh Martin finishing off 25 bodies last week, ready to dispatch to Kasim this week.

Painting is the main focus for Josh Martin and Josh Howe currently with Kasim working on the electronics and other assembly in the mean time.

We're working hard to get these out as soon as we possibly can. Josh Martin will be starting the grey packaging next week to speed along the process.

Production Update: Tri Sliders

After receiving head parts that were unusable for our run we returned them to our manufacturer with immediate effect. The reject parts have now been received by our manufacturer and we are in talks with them to get them sorted as soon as they are able to.

More updates to follow as and when we have them.

Production Update: Power Cells

After many delays due to poor crackle, we're nearly ready to dispatch the Power Cells. Unlike with the metal screwdrivers, we are unable to put the Power Cell parts into acetone to strip off any unsuccessful crackle paint jobs, due to the parts being made of the accurate resin. This means that any unsuccessful paint jobs need to be completely reprinted and repainted, which naturally takes some time.

We are now happy with the crackle paint jobs and they are just waiting on electronics and final assembly. They should be out in the next week and a half. We appreciate everyones patience with these.

Next Issue:

A look at a Banana Blaster Prototype as well an in depth look at our 14th Stands!

Josh Martin

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