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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 012

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Josh Martin

6 Oct 2023

A recap of our week of work!


Hello All, and welcome back to the Little Shop Props Weekly Newsletter.

This week is going to be more of a recap of what has gone on this week rather than the usual production updates.

Having just come back from Barry, this week was focused on getting back into our rhythm, sitting down and getting things done.

We do have a lovely bit of news about our Tri Sliders though!

The Week Reviewed.

This week has been really bitty. Quite a bit was achieved, but it has just been about finishing off projects and getting them out. The week started with James doing some work on the 14th Toy Stands, Laser cutting the parts to send to Kas to assemble and ship. He also sent out some parts of a new project to Josh Martin.

Josh Martin picked up the Classic Tool parts from Matthew who has just started University! Matthew isn't leaving the company or anything that dramatic, but Matthew and the team understands and appreciates that there are other priorities to focus on at the moment. We've come up with some exciting ways to keep Matthew involved in projects while he's away from his usual workshop space.

Josh Martin shipped the second batch of classics that Matthew had expertly assembled, on thursday, there are just a few more to send out before we release another batch!

Kas has been finishing off the final Custom 14th Screwdrivers, with six having gone out yesterday, and the rest to follow along soon. We appreciate everyones patience on those, they're nearly complete now.

Josh Howe has been grinding away on Weathered Grey Aztec bodies, ready to send up to Kas for fitting.

Daniel has been working on models for new products, as well as models for a new project that the team is involved in, but more on that later.

Like I said this week has been about pushing through and getting things done rather than specific projects so a week in review felt appropriate.

Production Update: Tri Sliders

Citizens of the earth, rejoice. The Head sections for our Tri Slider Aztec Replicas are finally done and have passed Quality Control.

These have been a thorn in our sides for a long time and were very pleased that they are done now. We are cracking on with Tri Sliders now and look forward to getting them out to everyone soon.


That about wraps up this week's newsletter, let us know if you like this format, where we go through all we've done each week, or if you prefer the other format of specific production updates for specific products. We're working hard to get all outstanding orders completed and sent out!

Josh Martin

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