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From 2021-2023 we provided Research, Consultation, CAD Design and Digital Sculpting for some of the Big Chief Studios 1:6th Scale line of Doctor Who figures.


Doctor Who Captain Jack Harkness Sixth Scale Character Replica

Captain Jack Harkness
1:6th Scale Figure

In January of 2021 James Sutton consulted on the Jack Harkness 1:6th Scale release with Big Chief Studios, offering his expertise on the costume elements and props included with the figure.

The initial promotional photos had shown the braces to be made using a white elastic, which is inaccurate to the costume. Jack only wore Grey, Red or Patterned braces with this outfit. Another detail was the colour of the belt and buckle, which had been made with a black leather and a painted silver buckle on the prototype. However the original belt Jack wore was made by Belstaff and was a brown leather and featured a Brass coloured buckle.

Accessories wise he advised on the surface details of the 1:6th scale Hand in the Jar prop that was included with Jack and also the Vortex Manipulator accessory.


Ninth Doctor Definitive Series
1:6th Scale Figure Accessories

In September 2021, Big Chief Studios asked if we had any information on the alien weapon prop used by Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor in the episode "Dalek." We had some information on it and had even spoken to the original maker who made it for the show for more help. We suggested that we could make a model for them to include in the release and offered to make more accessories too.

And so we ended up making 6 accessories for the Ninth Doctor, however 3 of them went unused. The Alien Weapon was deemed too complex for mass production and was shelved and the C4 charge and Anti-plastic, were initially made as a replacement to improve the accuracy of the accessories, but it was decided the pre-existing tooled models they had made were decent enough.

Research, References & Consultation: James Sutton

Kasim Rehman Bhatti: Alien Musical Instrument

Daniel Howard: C4 Charge, Anti-plastic, Big Gun, Fold out binoculars and the silver ball. 

Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Sixth Scale Character Replica Figure
Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Sixth Scale Character Replica Figure


Tenth Doctor Definitive Series
1:6th Scale Figure Accessories

Whilst working on the Ninth Doctor figure we also turned our attentions to the Tenth Doctor 1:6th Figure.
James Sutton provided consultation on the costume
details and props for this release supplying references to allow Big Chief to make/include Reinette's Letter and the Drinking goblet seen in "The Girl in the Fireplace". He also gave references of the Carrionite's crystal ball that first appeared in "The Shakespeare Code" and later again in "The Unicorn and the Wasp."

Then alongside this James helped Daniel Howard with modelling the Koh-I-Noor Diamond, matching it exactly to the prop that was used by Queen Victoria in "Tooth and Claw" and also the Round sunglasses that were worn by the Doctor whilst pretending to be drunk in "The Girl in the Fireplace" to be paired with the drinking goblet that was completed by Big Chief. 


Sadly in August of 2023 Big Chief Studios LTD went into Liquidation, this has unfortunately meant that all of the products and prototypes we worked on would not be released. 

It was a pleasure working on these for them and our hearts go out to the team at BCS and all their customers.

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