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Past Work

Click on some of the icons below to find out more about some of the amazing companies that members of our team have been involved with over the years.

Rubbertoe Replicas

Rubbertoe Replicas

Producing prototypes & officially licensed products.

HG4 Productions

HG4 Productions

Props, Creature FX & Performing in a short film by Jacob Dudman.

Big Finish

Big Finish Productions

Supplying imagery for use in motion trailers & cover artworks.

St Louis Science Centre

Saint Louis Science Center

Supplying archival replicas & research for an exhibition.

Immersive Everywhere

Immersive Everywhere

Prop making & consulting on the show Time Fracture.


Bad Wolf Studios

Worked with another company to make a hero prop for filming.

Robert Allsopp & Associates

Robert Allsopp & Associates

Working with the team on props/costumes for Film & TV.

Millennium FX

Millennium FX

Work experience with the team working on a film project. 


BBC Studios

Made and hired out props for use during filming.


Magic: The Gathering

Prop used as part of set dressing during promotion.

Big Chief Studios

Big Chief Studios

Consulting, researching & modelling toy accessories.

Fantom Events

Fantom Events

Provided props for use during photo shoots at events.

Matthew Savage

Matthew Savage Concept

Collaborating to bring unused concept art to life.

ROC Props

ROC Props

Doing the get out on Peaky Blinders: The Rise in Camden.

Weta Workshops

WETA Workshop

Working to replicate a prop for use in promotion and artworks.

Vue Cinemas

VUE Cinemas

Provided a Prop for display during an event screening.

The Who Shop

The Who Shop

Helped in the restoration of a costume for public display.


MCM London Comic Con

Provided props for display across the weekend event


Long Island

Doctor Who Convention

Provided a prop for use during the 2023 event.

Pure Energy

Pure Energy

Worked on Film, TV and Promotional event projects.

The Attic Convention

The Attic Convention

Supplying props that were then auctioned off for Charity.

Madame Whosaudes

Madame Whosauds

Helped at this event to raise money for Dementia UK


Dynamic Works 2012

Supplying props for use in filming productions


Overton Audios

Provided imagery for cover artworks

and props for live action minisodes

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