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We've been very happy to lend a hand (Quite literally in some cases) to Audio Drama company Big Finish Productions over the years on their Doctor Who related projects and continue to provide them with Imagery for cover artworks and motion trailers when required.


The War Master's Laser Screwdriver

Back in 2020, Big Finish Director, Producer and Writer Scott Handcock enquired about the potential of getting a replica prop made by James Sutton based on the design that digital artist Lee Binding had created for the cover art of the War Master Boxset, "Rage of the Time Lords."

We approached Lee for help and he very kindly supplied us with the original unobscured image of the device to work from. From there we designed and made 5 Laser Screwdrivers. One of which was hand delivered to Scott whilst he was down in London for some recording that was happening at the time.

The prop later featured in the official motion trailer for the Dalek Universe 2 boxset starring David Tennant.

CAD Design, 3D Printing & Electronics: Daniel Howard

Digital Sculpting: Kasim Rehman Bhatti

Research, Designing & Assembly: James Sutton

Concept Art: Lee Binding

Dalek Universe 2 - Motion Trailer

In July 2021 Big Finish cover artist Oliver Chenery approached us after he'd spoken to Lee Binding, who recommended us to help with this trailer for the new boxset starring David Tennant, Mark Gatiss and Nicholas Briggs.

The aim of the trailer was to pay homage to the famous "Save The Day" trailer that was used to advertise the 50th Anniversary in 2013. One of the most iconic shots from that trailer involved numerous Props floating around Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor, and so we set about offering what we could to emulate the original.

James Sutton supplied photos of the Sonic Lipstick prop that he had made for the theatre show Time Fracture, alongside this he provided the 10th Doctor, 3rd Doctor and Romana Sonic Screwdrivers, Plus photos of Scott Handcock's War Master Laser Screwdriver.

Daniel Howard supplied renders of the LSP Sonic Pen, River Song and Dark Eyes Sonic Screwdriver models. 


The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 8

Later in July of 2021 Oliver Chenery enquired if he could use the imagery of James Sutton's 3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver again for the cover artwork of the The Third Doctor Adventures volume 8, which starred Tim Treloar, Katy Manning, Sadie Miller and Jon Culsaw.

The Sonic Screwdriver prop also appeared in the motion trailer for the same release that was made by Graham Kibble-White, Jack Kibble-White and Nicholas Briggs.

Jenny - The Doctor's Daughter Series 2: Still Running

In this boxset Georgia Tennant returned as the Doctor's Daughter and this time The Vortex Manipulator was set to play an intrinsic part in the plot of her story. And so Oliver Chenery once again enquired if we had any imagery he could use for the cover artwork.

Naturally we did, as in true Blue Peter fashion, James Sutton had pictures of one he'd made earlier. This prop ended up on the front cover and as the sole image on the back of the cover too.

This prop had been made with help from Prop Maker Mark Cordory and Concept Artist Matt Savage, alongside a lot of extensive research to get it as close as possible to the original 2005 filming prop.

The Jenny Manipulator prop later went on to appear in the Doctor Who immersive theatre show: Time Fracture.


The Second Doctor Companion Chronicles - Volume 3

In September 2021, Oliver Chenery asked us again for help on a cover artwork he was doing for this release which starred Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, Rufus Hound, Lisa Bowerman and Nicholas Briggs.

This time he needed the Second Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. More specifically he was after the Penlight style design that featured in Patrick Troughton's final story as The Doctor, "The War Games".

We got to work and Daniel Howard rendered up the model LSP had of the prop at that time. James Sutton then supplied a photo of his hand in a positioning to appear as though he was holding the rendered prop. From there Oliver Chenery added these elements to the artwork of the boxset.

The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Stone Cold

In April 2023, Big Finish Cover Artist, Sean Longmore used one of our Screwdrivers for the cover artwork of the Fourth Doctor Adventures: Stone Cold release.

This starred Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and Nerys Hughes as the Fourth Doctor, Leela and Margaret Hopwood.

This was imagery of one of the archival replicas we had supplied to the Saint Louis Science Center's Museum Display.

Intelligence for War cover art

The Third Doctor Adventures: Intelligence For War

In July 2023, Sean Longmore used another one of our Screwdrivers again for the cover artwork of the Third Doctor Adventures: Intelligence For War release.


This starred Tim Treloar, Daisy Ashford and Jon Culshaw as the Third Doctor, Liz Shaw and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

This was once again imagery of one of the archival replicas we had supplied to the Saint Louis Science Center's Museum Display.

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