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Supplying props for a photoshoot and displaying our archive and work.

Katy Manning's Lipstick

In February of 2023 we were approached by Fantom Events to replicate the Sonic Lipstick prop that appeared in the CBBC Show the Sarah Jane Adventures.

The prop had recently made a reappearance in a trailer for the Doctor Who Season 9 Collection Boxset. The Trailer featured a minisode called "Defenders Of Earth", which starred Katy Manning, who was reprising her role as Jo Jones. One of the nice moments in this short is when it's revealed that she had been given the Lipstick as a present from Sarah Jane Smith.

And So Fantom asked us to make the replica for Katy to keep after using it during her photoshoots at the Valiant 2023 Event they were running in Sheffield.

We managed to complete the Lipstick in time for the event and got to present it to Katy ourselves. Thankfully she loved it and all the photos from that day turned out amazingly.

Archive and Props Display 

Alongside supplying the Lipstick for the photoshoots we were also asked to display a selection of our work and archival collection at Valiant 2023.

With only a few days to pull it together we managed to assemble 2 tables worth of pieces for people to have a look at during the day.


Everything went really well and we had lots of interest from the attendees and even the celebrities who were guests at the event.

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