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Immersive Everywhere

Working to bring to life 17 different worlds for people to explore once they've entered the Time Fracture at the UNIT Black Site on Davies Street.

The Timey Wimey Detector

In 2020 James Sutton was approached to make several props for the Immersive Everywhere Theatre show, Doctor Who: Time Fracture by the show's Art Director, Ryan O'Conner, who runs ROC Props.

The Timey Wimey Detector was the biggest of these pieces and was a replica based on the prop originally made by Mark Cordory for the Series 3 Story "Blink".

James painstakingly tracked down as many of the vintage found pieces as he could and filled in the gaps with custom made parts to complete the prop as faithfully as possible.

The prop was used in the Black Archive Set and was positioned alongside several surviving props from the show.

Sarah Jane's Sonic Lipstick

Alongside the Timey Wimey Detector, James was asked to assemble a Sonic Lipstick to go into the Black Archive set. 

The prop was assembled using the accurate brand and style of lipstick case as used on the props seen in The Sarah Jane Adventures and was fitted with a custom machined emitter section.

Jubilee Pizza Box and Torchwood

When it came to filling the Torchwood Hub set with Easter Eggs James suggested to the Art Director that they added this prop to the Coffee Table.

After it was agreed upon, James went off and recreated the Graphics for the Jubilee Pizza Box, matching it specifically to the version of the prop that was seen in the first episode of Torchwood, "Everything Changes". 

This fake pizza company often popped up in the show in place of branded ones and was an In Joke carried over from a deleted scene in the series one episode "Dalek", which was written by writer Robert Shearman, who had also written the Doctor Who Story "Jubilee" which "Dalek" was inspired by.

Another suggestion from James was the addition of Owen Harper's Iconic Lab coat. Ryan liked this idea and so James sourced as many of the accurate Pin Badges as he could. It was then hung in the corner.

James Supplied references and information about the Hand in the Jar too, which Ryan used when getting a replica made. James was originally asked to make this as well, but due to time and budget wasn't able to take that task on as well.

Finally for the Fractured Victorian side of the Hub, He sourced the same portrait of Queen Victoria as used as a base for the picture used in Empress Of Mars to go on the wall. 

Research and Lore Consultant

Alongside the Pizza Box, James advised on the placement of all the original props in Torchwood and across the 17 different worlds in the show. He also helped teach the Actors what each of the key props were and how they were originally used in the television show, but also how they could be applicable for used in the immersive show. Plus also provided information for the actors playing the role of Captain Stephen Davies and Brian The Ood.

He then provided help identifying further original props from storage so that they could be placed appropriately and supplied reference images.

With the help of Will Brooks, James managed to source references of Dr Malcolm Taylor's laboratory, to help dress the UNIT Offices set, to an extent that the calculations seen in Planet of the Dead were able to be transcribed onto the white board in Malcolm's office.


He also assisted in coming up with Easter Egg's, such as Ravens in need of Batteries in Malcolm's office, a UNIT Filing cabinet with some confused dating and supplying the front page graphic of the Margaret the Slitheen Newspaper from "Boom Town".

Ryan O'Conner also used James's instagram for ideas when sourcing props to dress the show with. Hence Bubble Paperweights, Timey Wimey Detector Radios and other props making their way into the sets.

Vortex Manipulators

In December 2021 Time Fracture went through a few changes, in an effort to keep the show fresh for returning guests. One of these changes was the inclusion of a Vortex Manipulator prop during the show.

Prop Maker Nicholas Robatto had already supplied one of his Moffat Era style props for the Black Archive set, however they decided that they'd prefer the smaller Cordory Style series 1-7 prop to perform with.

James Sutton was told they needed one very last minute, the next day to be precise, so he loaned his personal one that he'd made at the start of 2021. This previously had appeared on the Box Set Artwork of the Jenny The Doctor's Daughter: Volume 2- Still Running from Big Finish Productions. He strengthened some of the needlework, tidied up some other areas and hand delivered it to London within 15 hours of finding out it was needed.

This was used by actor Harry Pudwell throughout it's time in the show until closing day. It did have to be repaired half way through it's time in the show as well, due to heavy use.

Sonic Screwdrivers

During the final weeks of Time Fracture, A few of the Actors in the show conspired to use sonic screwdriver's during their performances in the show.

It was initially decided that the Time lord Guide's that appeared in the show shouldn't have screwdrivers, but seeing as the show was ending, caution was thrown to the wind and James Sutton loaned 3 of his own screwdrivers to the show.

And unfinished 4th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver was given to actor Harry Pudwell to use as his version of the Time lord guide that was based heavily on the War Doctor. Although a grub screw did come loose on the end cap of the prop causing it to come apart during one performance.

Bethany Blake was given an 800 Trekker Sonic to use as the guide known as "Maybe" who was based on the Curse of Fatal Death Doctor. One of the same 800 T style screwdrivers was actually the accurate type used in the Comic Relief Special.

And the final prop was a Romana style sonic screwdriver which was given to the actresses who were portraying Romana, they used this sonic screwdriver during the final scene of the show, where Romana lowers the barriers around Gallifrey to let the Daleks in.

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