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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 004

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Josh Martin

4 Aug 2023

An update on Sladen Lipsticks and Tri Sliders, as well as an interview with Jem Ward and a look at our new Burnt Out Tools!


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

Another busy week here at Little Shop Props, with lots going on, from product packaging to new products!

This week we have an update on the Sladen Lipstick run and a look at our brand new product packaging. We have an interview with Graphic Artist and latest Little Shop Props hire Jem Ward. We have a look at our brand new Burnt Out Tools, and Finally an update on our Tri Slider Aztecs.

Production Update: Sladen Lipstick Run

With the assembly complete, attention has turned to our brand new packaging.

Making use of our Cricut machine we've had a complete packaging overhaul. Our runs will now come in presentation tins, with vinyl decals. This week weve been working on those ready to get the Sladen Lipsticks out into the world!

Kasim has been working hard to get this final step sorted, bringing us ever closer to the dispatch date for these. We appreciate everyones patience!

The first 25 of these will be heading out into the world on Monday the 7th of August!

An Interview With Jem Ward

Last week we posted this gorgeous poster of the brand new screwdriver. This poster was made by Little Shop Props newest team member Jem Ward. We caught up with him in an interview!

You’re the newest member of Little Shop Props, could you give us an introduction to yourself?

Hello. My name is Jem, I’m an illustrator and designer and have recently had the pleasure of starting a series of prints for Little Shop Props.

Outside of Little Shop Props you’ve worked on some amazing things, do you have a personal favourite project that you’ve worked on?

Ooh, personal favourite is hard. I’ve worked on a number of things I’ve been extremely lucky to be a part of. Most recently I’ve had the (long overdue) joy of working with other designers in a studio environment, but I can’t say more on that yet. Otherwise I’ve recently loved creating promotional art for several films. Particularly a poster for the fifth Indiana Jones film. I felt that was a significant step in my progress as a designer.

You’re currently working on posters for screwdriver releases, how does that process go?

I am indeed. It was born from conversations I had with James (Director). From there we developed a concept of a fixed composition where we’d create a distinct style for each. Based on characteristic of a certain series, or era. Same design, different case!

How did you get started working as a Graphic designer and Graphic Artist?

I’ve been drawing all my life and have never really considered anything else. Instead of studying I started working in the industry and learnt what I know on the job. I’ve very much been shaped by the people I’ve worked with.

Out of all of the artwork pieces you’ve done for LSP, which has been your favourite?

Spoilers.. but the Cream Aztec illustration is my favourite so far. It’s one of the simplest designs but surpassed my expectations. I’m very excited to see it out in the wild.

If there’s one paper prop in all of film and TV that you’d like to replicate, what would it be?

Hmm. I’m not so interested in replicating paper props myself. I’m very excited by the prospect of reimagining known designs. There are several paper props I’ve coveted and been inspired by though. The Wonka bar, designed by Kathy Heaser, for Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has always been a favourite.

What are you most looking forward to doing at LSP?

I’m looking forward to continuing the series of sonic prints. They’ve really become a collection in themselves. Each time we add a new one the whole set feels stronger.

Where can people find you and your work outside of what you do at LSP?

You can find examples of my work on my site

New Look: Burnt Out Tool

This week we release a brand new replica, the Burnt Out Tool!

Made with help from the owner of the original screen used prop, we've managed to capture perfectly each piece of 'damage' that was present on the original. The base model was made by Daniel, and then passed onto Kasim who painstakingly copied each physical detail using photos of the screen used prop.

From there it was printed by Josh Martin and the handle was painted with our crackle paint, before the whole thing was sent down to Josh Howe. Josh Howe then gave the rest of the pieces a gorgeous paint job to match the original prop as closely as possible.

This replica has been in the works for a very long time, a testiment to the amount of detail that has been put into replicating the original and we are so proud to finally present the most accurate replica of this prop to date.

These are available on our web store now in two variations, the standard prop only variation, and the collectors edition. The collectors edition comes with a stand, a piece of artwork designed by Jem, and a presentation tin.

Production Update: Tri Sliders

We wish that this update could be a more positive one but unfortunately we recieved the head parts of the tri sliders this week and they were not up to our standards. We've been communicating with our manufacturer to try and resolve this issue but unfortunately this does set us back somewhat.

As you can see the finish on the heads is not consistent with the rest of the parts and therefore unusable for our replicas. We will keep you updated on how the replacement parts turn out when they come through.

In slightly more positive news, we have been cracking on with the rest of the work for the run, with the slider plates being primed and painted this week and the bodies being prepped for painting in the coming weeks.

Next Issue:

A section about Little Shop Props first film gig "Finger Food", an update on the Large Pleasant Button Props and more!

Josh Martin

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