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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 007

Issue 5.png

Josh Martin

25 Aug 2023

An update on our Classic Tools and a look at our new Banana Blaster Replicas


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

Another intense and busy week here at Little Shop Props, with progress being made on a multitude of projects.

This week we have a production update on our Classic Tools, as well as a look at our prototype Banana Blaster MK1!

Production Update: Classic Tools

The final elements of the Classic Tool packaging has arrived today. With that the final packaging and finishing is being done on the first batch of Classic Tools! Batch Two is well under way with vinyl being cut and prepped.

Batch one should be heading out and into the world next week! We thank everyone for their patience and look forward to getting these out to you.

New Look: Banana Blaster MK1

Last week we finished off a long awaited prototype. The Banana Blaster MK1.

This has been a huge team effort, with years being put into working on the model and making sure that it is as close to the original as possible. This prototype came out beautifully and has helped us understand and iron out any kinks before full production.

None of this would have been possible to do without the help of good friend of Little Shop Props, Mr Matthew Savage, whose reference of the original prop was invaluable.

We are looking forward to releasing these, we are just looking into some parts of the 'Collectors Edition' version ready for launch.

Next Issue:

A Tri Slider update as well as a Lalla Tool Update!

Josh Martin

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