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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 008

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Josh Martin

1 Sept 2023

An update on our Tri Sliders and Lalla Tools, as well as a look at our Crystal McGann Tools


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

A Busy but important week here at Little Shop Props. Cracking on with orders as well as prepping for some of our Team's upcoming trip down to Wales.

This weeks newsletter is short but important. We finally have an update on the Tri Slider manufacturing. We also have a look at our new Crystal McGann Tool and we have a production update on the Lalla Tools.

Production Update: Tri Slider Aztecs

A short but important update regarding our Tri Sliders. As you will have seen in other newsletters, the metal parts are all completed, but we ran into some issues with the quality of the 'Head' Parts. We've been discussing various different options with our manufacturer to try and get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

The good news is that they have begun manufacturing on a new batch of heads. Naturally we hope that these will be perfect first time but that is not a guarantee. Once we have more information we will update you all but the good news is that a new batch is being manufactured as we speak.

In the mean time we are still cracking on with prepping and painting bodies, as well as begining to source screws and electronic parts needed to complete the run.

New Look: Crystal McGann Tool

This week we released our Crystal McGann Tool!

We used the model we created for official Big Finish promotional materials and cover artworks, notably appearing in the Dalek Universe 2 trailer. The accuracy of the model was improved thanks to the maker of the original two Dark Eyes props for Big Finish as we were given a set of castings from the original moulds to improve the accuracy of the model.

This stunning piece is now available on our webstore in two variations. Prop only, which is just the tool itself, and the Collectors Edition, which comes with a box, a display stand and an information booklet. Both of these variations are also available with sound as an added extra.

Production Update: Lalla Tools

We're working hard to get the Lalla Tools done and dusted. The parts are all in and the cutting of the tape has already been done. Currently we are working on the stands and packaging ready to dispatch these as soon as the Tools themselves are done.

These should be out in the next few weeks!

Next Issue:

A Grey Aztec Update and an in depth look at our Sladen Button Props.

Josh Martin

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