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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 009

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Josh Martin

8 Sept 2023

An update on the Grey Aztecs as well as an in depth look at our Sladen Lipstick Props!


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

An exciting week here as the first batch of Classic tools made their way out into the world.

We've been very busy working on various different things, an exciting job that we are a part of, as well as working to get orders out as soon as possible.

This week we have a short update on the Grey Aztec Production, as well as a look at our completed Sladen Lipstick Replicas.

Production Update: Grey Aztecs

Painted bodies have begun arriving with our electronics expert Kasim, who has begun assembly and fitting!

A batch of bodies from Josh Martin have made their way up to Kasim, who checked them over for quality control. The bodies that passed QC have now begun the process of fitting and assembly, while the ones that didn't have been stripped and are being sent back to Josh Martin.

A batch of bodies from Josh Howe will be coming soon and we can continue to assemble and fit these, ready to be dispatched.

James has also laser cut the stand arms ready to be included once packing begins!

Currently we're looking at some time in October to begin sending these out, subject to change due to some of our team members heading down to Barry to work on Wide Sliders with Rubbertoe Replicas.

Final Looks: Sladen Lipstick Prop Replicas

The last of the lipstick orders are heading out into the world, so what better time than now to look at the package as a whole!

(Photo provided by @detectivecaz)

As mentioned in the past, we've worked hard to overhaul our packaging for our runs. This is in an effort to enhance the experience of recieving a replica from us even more.

Our runs now come in tins or boxes, with a graphic on the front saying what the replica is. Inside is an information booklet, giving details of the original props and the subsequent replicas. This information booklet is fronted by a stunning custom piece of artwork from Jem Ward.

(Photo provided by @top.oftheprops)

The replicas themselves will either be sitting in laser cut foam, or stored in a velvet bag with some protective packaging depending on the run, with the stand also inside the tin.

(Photo provided by @subscribertofaceofbos)

We really appreciate all the kind words from customers regarding their Lipsticks and can't wait to keep producing quality replicas for you all.

There are a few more lipsticks available on our webstore now, for those who haven't yet managed to get their hands on them!

(Photo provided by @top.oftheprops)

General Update

We are working hard to get the remaining Etsy orders out, since the switch to the Webstore. We're a tad delayed on a few items but we're nearly there. Everyones patience is much appreciated and we look forward to getting these items out to you as soon as we possibly can.

Josh Martin

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