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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 010

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Josh Martin

15 Sept 2023

An update on the Classic Tools, Tri Sliders and Custom 14th Inspired Tools, as well as a look at our new Spider Pets!


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 10th instalment of the weekly newsletter!

An exciting week here as we prepare for our trip down to Wales at the end of this week!

This week we have an update on the Head parts for the Tri Sliders, an update on batch two of the Classic Tools, and an update on the Custom 14th Inspired Screwdriver Props.

New Product!

A look at our new product, The Little Pets!

These lovely little items have been made with our usual attention for detail and quality references, featuring a red LED for the eye, and can be purchased with either static or poseable legs!

These are available on our webstore now!

Production Update: Tri Sliders

We finally have an updated look at our Head parts for our tri sliders.

This week we recived images of the newly manufactured head parts, they look a lot better than before and we're happy with how theyre progressing. They need one more detail added to the "teeth" section and they will be done!

Were looking forward to continue cracking on with these!

Production Update: Classic Tools

Batch Two of the Classic tools is nearly done

Theres some final packaging details to add and batch two will be heading out to their respective owners!

We're thrilled with the positive response so far with these and cant wait for the rest to go out!

Production Update: Custom 14th Inspired Screwdrivers

After some delays we're nearly ready to send out the next batch of Custom 14th Inspired Screwdrivers! We appreciate everyones patience with these, and they're nearly done. They should be going out in the next few weeks!

Next Issue

"A Week In Wales"

Josh Martin

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