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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 013

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Josh Martin

13 Oct 2023

A week in review, and an update on Tri Sliders, Grey Aztecs, Custom 14th Screwdrivers and Power Cells!


Hello newsletter lovers, welcome back to the Little Shop Props Weekly Newsletter.

A slightly spooky newsletter as Issue 13 falls on Friday the 13th....

Thanks for all the feedback last week regarding the format of the newsletter, this week we will be trying to implement both a week in review, and project specific updates!

The Week Reviewed.

This week has been very exciting, but because of things that we're not allowed to talk about yet. The team sat down to embark on a new job, that will be very involved and will need a lot of manpower. This week we sat down to discuss divison of labour and who would be doing what!

Aside from that this week has just been about getting orders out, and done. We sent out Large Pleasant Buttons, and Power Cells will be going out by the end of this week or Monday next week!

We're in talks to display at another event, and so we've been working out what we need to make for that, as well as who is going and what needs to be done, more on that soon I'm sure!

James continued on with laser cutting the 14th Toy Stands, as well as prepping to start on two new projects that we've been wanting to do for a long time!

Kas has been working tirelessly on the Grey aztecs, along with Josh Howe and Josh Martin working on bodies to send to him. Hes also been working on a few more lipstick orders!

Dan has been working on a series of models for various jobs, as well as doing two 3D scans earlier this week. These scans will help to finish up some work that we've got at the moment!

Tri Slider Update:

At the time of writing this all Tri Sliders are SOLD OUT! Thank you all again for all your support, and for another sold out run, our 4th completely sold out run!

Production Update: Grey Aztecs

With Josh Howe and Josh Martin cracking on with bodies, Kas is working tirelessly on assembling and fitting them with electronics. we're making good progress on them and we're looking forward to getting them out in the not so distant future! The wait is nearly over and we thank everyone for their patience with these!

Production Update: Custom Inspired 14th Screwdrivers

6 of the outstanding orders went out last week, with more going out soon. They are all painted and partially assembled and they are just waiting on the final electronics installation. There was a small delay as the sound boards we usually used were on back order for some time and so took a while to arrive, but we're working hard on getting them out now!

Production Update: Power Cells

After an unfortunate delay with the crackle quality on some of the power cell bodies, they are nearly ready to go out, a few will be going out tomorrow and the last few on monday next week!

Josh Martin

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