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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 014

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Josh Martin

20 Oct 2023

The week reviewed, as well as an update on Tri Sliders and Grey Aztecs!


Hello All and welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

It's been a busy week, focused on getting things out, and preparing for an upcoming event!

The Week Reviewed.

This week we've been focused on fulfuling orders, as well as prepping for an upcoming event we're taking part in.

Dan has been working on some display units for the event, modeling all the parts for James to laser cut in preparation.

Kas has been busy working on 14th Toy Stands and lipsticks, as well as continuing on with Grey Aztec work

Josh M has been working on orders, some display items for the event, as well as working on tri slider bodies.

Josh H has been working on Grey Aztec bodies to send up to Kas.

James has been prepping some display pieces as well as searching for a very specific paint.

Production Update: Tri Sliders

All bodies have now been filled ready for sanding and painting, the sanding is commencing next week and the painting once they're done. In the mean time Kas is prepping electronics to get these out as soon as bodies and accessories are ready!

Production Update: Grey Aztecs

A stunning batch of weathered Grey Aztec bodies was finished off by Josh H this week and sent up to Kasim to fit. These have been painstakingly recreated by Josh H, with chips and wear present in all the places seen on the original prop. We're very excited to see these go out!

These have now arrived with Kas and he is working to get them assembled and finished up!

Josh Martin

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