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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 015

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Josh Martin

27 Oct 2023

The week reviewed, as well as an update on Grey Aztecs, and a look at our new Knowledge Imprinter replicas!


Hello All, welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

Another busy week, grinding out orders, as well as doing some more prep work for the next event we're attending.

The Week Reviewed

Josh M has been working on orders, as well as some repaints, and in doing so, testing out a new crackle technique ready to paint up the Tri Sliders.

Josh H has been continuing his beautifully ruinous Grey Aztec paint jobs, working to get another batch up to Kas.

Kas has been working on Grey Aztecs, Lipsticks, and 14th stands, as well as some stuff for the aforementioned upcoming event.

Dan has been working on various models, both for new products and also for the event.

James has been working with Jem to finish up the Grey Aztec booklets.

Production Update: Grey Aztecs

With Kas working hard on getting these out, and working on fitting and assembling, we will be collecting second half payments from those who havent paid the full price yet. If you havent paid your second half, do get in touch!

New Look: Knowledge Imprinters

A look at our new Knowledge Imprinter replicas!

As one of our team owns an original screen used filming prop, these replicas are as accurate as you can get, with the original used directly for reference. They come in a variety of variations matching each function during the episode, from static, to opening with all the bells and whistles. They are made as the original prop was, with both metal and resin components.

They are available now on our webstore!

Josh Martin

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