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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 016

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Josh Martin

3 Nov 2023

A recap of what we got up to this week, as well as a look at some exciting things we've been a part of!


Hello Everyone and welcome to WHOVEMBER!

An exciting week for us with two things being announced that we can talk about, lots to get into!

The Week Reviewed

We'll get the admin out of the way, This week has been a busy one yet again, working on orders as well as working on props for display and sale at the event that we can now name; PANDORICA 2023!

Josh M has been working on outstanding orders as well as working on a batch of Lalla tools to sell at Pandorica.

James has been working on some display boxes for Pandorica, as well as a few extra pieces.

Kas has been working on Grey aztecs, as well as some pieces to display at Pandorica.

Dan has been working on a special piece for Pandorica 2023.

Josh H has been cracking on with Grey bodies, with another batch having headed up to Kas this week.

Tales of the TARDIS

When down in Wales doing some freelace prop work for Nick Robatto, we managed to get involved in the making of a prop that was to be used on production. We had no idea what it was for, but when Nick recieved the call, we knew we had to try and get stuck in.

The prop in question was a Third Doctors Sonic Screwdriver, and the team assisted on its painting and construction.

The prop was used by Katy Manning and Danny Anthony in episode 3 of the series!

Tales of the TARDIS is now available to stream on BBC iPlayer!

Pandorica 2023

Little Shop Props is headed for Bristol!

We will be attending Fantom Events, Pandorica 2023 where we will be displaying and for the first time, selling!

Weve been working on a brand new display for this event, to celebrate the 60th anniversary!

Josh Martin

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