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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 017

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Josh Martin

17 Nov 2023

A Look at our new Museum Leaflets, as well as an update on Tri Sliders and a look at our stall at Pandorica 2023!


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the weekly newsletter.

The Week Reviewed

We've been recovering and getting back into the swing of things after a weekend at Pandorica 2023.

We've been working on orders and getting things geared up for various releases and announcements.

Pandorica 2023

Last Friday, Kas, James and Josh M headed down to Bristol, where Little Shop Props was displaying and selling at Fantom Events - Pandorica 2023.

Over the course of the weekend we met a whole host of incredible guests and fans. On the Saturday we gifted Katy Manning her very own Pertwee Mk2, as seen in Tales of the TARDIS. It was great to see everyone we had met previously and lovely to meet so many new people.

We were delighted to be in attendance and look forward to the next Fantom Event.

Black Friday Sale!

From the 14th of November to the 1st of December we are running a black friday sale!

If you use the code BLACKFRIDAY15 you will recieve a 15 percent discount on all items!

To add to this, we've also relisted a whole host of fan favorite products and we will be listing some new ones in the coming weeks too!

Use code BLACKFRIDAY15 on our store now!

New Product: Museum Leaflets

A brand new product has landed on our store!

These Museum leaflets have been faithfully recreated to a level of accuracy not seen in any replica thus far.

With the design and replication done by the incredible Jem Ward, our graphic artist, and the original photos sourced by James Sutton, these are a must have.

They come in both annotated and blank variations!

Order before the 10th of December for arrival before Christmas

Production Update: Tri Sliders

We've finalised the design for the electronics sections of the Tri Sliders as well as finalising paint techniques and colours. We've filled the bodies and will be sanding them in the coming weeks, before we begin painting!

Kas has also been testing S3 sounds for the Tri Sliders!

Josh Martin

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