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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 018

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Josh Martin

24 Nov 2023

A huge update on our Tri Sliders, Grey Aztecs, Lalla Tools and more!


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the weekly newsletter.

The Week Reviewed

Lots to go over this week, so buckle up!

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Josh M has been working on orders, dispatching Lalla Tools - Prop only versions, Crackle Dial Upgrade parts, McCoy Keys, Museum Leaflets and Fob Watch Face Plates, as well as working on Tri Slider Aztec crackle painting and sending Josh H a batch of Burnt out Tool crackle handles.

Kas has been working on wiring up Grey Aztec bodies, as well as working on 14th Toy Stand orders and Sladen Lipstick orders.

Josh H has been working on the burnt out tool parts ready to assemble once the crackle bodies arrive.

Dan has been working on new models for products as well as working with Kas on a new idea that we will be launching very soon.

James has been preparing for his presentation in St Louis at the Science Center that will be taking place on December 1st. He also ventured down to London to collect some very iconic original filming props .

Production Update: Tri Slider Aztecs

With Greys nearing completion attention turns to the Tri Slider Aztecs. With the paint technique and colour nailed down thanks to last weeks experimentation, work has continued on sanding the bodies ready for painting. The main bulk of the painting will commence next week so while that goes on we turn our attention to packaging and stands. We will be contacting those who have not paid their second halves for the Tri Sliders soon. With painting underway and everything nailed down we are expecting Tri Sliders to start going out as early as mid to late January 2024.

Production Update: Grey Aztecs

Josh H has finished his incredible work on the weathered aztec bodies, and Josh H isnt far behind on sending Kas the last batch of pristine bodies. Kas has been working tirelessly on fitting and assembling as bodies come in. We are currently working on getting packaging sorted ready for dispatch. These should be heading out the door soon!

Production Update: Lalla Tools

As some of you may have seen we've been sending out prop only versions of the Lalla Tools. We are just waiting on some more foam for the Lalla Tool - Collectors Edition tins in order to send those out. Foam should be arriving some time next week so once thats done we will be sending those out!

Collection Perfection!

On Wednesday James headed down bright and early to London, where he collected two new exciting additions to the Sonic Screwdriver Archive's Collection.

These new additions were, the original hero Cream Robatto Sonic Screwdriver prop, and the original Series 3 Laser Screwdriver.

They will be making their way to St Louis with James to be displayed at the St Louis Science Centre, making their debut publicly during the First Friday Doctor Who event.

Scanning Day!

Before they make their trip across the Atlantic however we were tasked with Archiving and preparing the props for their upcoming worldwide premiere.

And so, on the 23rd of November, 2023, a very fitting day, the members of Little Shop Props ventured to Cambridge to measure, scan, and photograph the two original hero props from the show.

As you can imagine this was a great honour for all of the team members involved and it was wonderful to spend the 60th Anniversary in the presence of such iconic pieces of the show's history!

Production Update: Burnt Tools

Crackle bodies have now been sent from Josh M to Josh H, and Josh H is cracking on with the final painting and assembling.

These should be heading out the door fairly soon!

Josh Martin

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