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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 019

Issue 5.png

Josh Martin

1 Dec 2023

A short newsletter with an update on Grey Aztecs, Lalla Tools, Custom 14th Inspired Screwdrivers and a look at our new Tool Posters.


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the weekly newsletter.

Just a short newsletter this week, but its been a productive week.

Unfortunately Kas has been quite ill this week, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Production Update: Grey Aztecs

Josh M has been working on painting the final pristine bodies, as well as working on cutting the vinyl for the tins. The vinyl will be heading up to Kas next week for him to put onto the tins.

Kas has been working away at fitting bodies and electronics sections, as well as working on the foam for the tins and the stands.

Production Update: Lalla Tools

Foam has now arrived and been laser cut so the last remaining outstanding Lalla Tool Collectors edition orders will be heading out the door early next week!

Production Update: Custom 14th Inspired Screwdrivers.

After a lot of work redesigning internals due to breakages in shipping, Kas and Josh have been working very hard to get the final Custom 14ths done. Josh is currently working on printing and painting, ready for Kas to fit hopefully next week. We really appreciate everyones patience with these.

New Look: Tool Posters

Available now on our store are these stunning posters, designed by Jem Ward, our incredibly talented Graphic Artist.

Using the artwork featured on our tool booklets, these posters depict a variety of your favourite props from the show.

Limited to 250, each poster comes with a certificate of authenticity and edition number on the back stating the team members who worked on the release, as well as crediting Jem Ward for his incredible work on these.

Josh Martin

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