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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 020

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Josh Martin

8 Dec 2023

The week reviewed, as well as a look at James' trip to America, and a general update on many of our products.


Hello all and welcome back to the weekly newsletter.

A very busy week here getting things done and orders out.

The Week Reviewed

Kas is back and feeling better now so has been cracking on with Grey Aztec work, Puzzle Cubes, Lipsticks and more.

Dan has been working on a number of models ready for new product launches and prototyping.

James has been in America at the St Louis Science Centre for their "First Friday" Event.

And I have been working on getting orders out, all Lalla tools are now dispatched, and I have been working on Jacobi Tools, Resin Stunts, crackle bodies for the Burnt Tools, as well as working on the vinyl for the Grey Aztec Tins and the Burnt Tins.

The LSP Transatlantic Delivery Service

As we mentioned in a previous newsletter, we had collected the Cream Robatto and Laser Screwdriver Hero Props from Kings Cross Train Station in London and our 4 directors had the pleasure of sympathetically restoring and archiving these two iconic pieces on behalf of The Sonic Screwdriver Archive.

Once this work was completed by our team, James flew out from Heathrow Airport with the props in his hand luggage to the United States of America, to deliver them personally to their new temporary home, The St Louis Science Center (for whom we had previously created 11 archival replicas for their display of Doctor Who props)

A few slightly anxious airport security checks later, they were stateside and in the Science Center where they were then made custom fitted stands by Cam, the Museum’s on site maker, plus further light restoration work was done to the laser to ensure it was display ready by Cam with James assisting.

The props were then reunited with their stunt prop counterparts and placed in a glass display case befitting items of their significance. These props were then unveiled to the world at the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary First Friday event the Science Center hosted on December 1st 2023.

First Friday Fun

Whilst on the topic of the First Friday event, James’s trip wasn’t solely to deliver the props, he was also there to be the guest speaker for the night. He brought along a display made up of a mixture of screen used props and replicas we had made for the attendees to get up close and personal with before giving a presentation all about Doctor Who Props, entitled imaginatively: “A Journey through 60 Years of Doctor Who Props”… or at least as much as you can cover in about half an hour. This was followed up by a Q&A.

Afterwards James also helped judge the costume competition alongside Titan Comics Cover Artist Artmonkeyworld, where the winners had the chance to get their picture taken in the screen used Twice Upon a Time/Fugitive of the Judoon 1st Doctor/Ruth Doctor Police Box, which had come fresh from it’s stint in Doctor Who Time Fracture.

We’d like to give a big thank you to the St Louis Science Center and the Sonic Screwdriver Archive for their hospitality and this opportunity. And a further thank you to the people who attended the first Friday event for being so enthusiastic and welcoming!

General Update:

The team is working hard on catching up and getting orders out as soon as we can.

The parts for the custom 14th inspired screwdrivers are nearly all printed and painted, and assembly will begin soon.

Resin stunts are all printed and being painted this weekend.

Jacobi tools are nearly all done, with just one more to go out.

Parts for the knowledge imprinters are printed and the metal pieces are being worked on at the moment.

Once James is back he will be getting on with the time machine plaques and they will be going out soon.

Josh Martin

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