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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 022

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Josh Martin

12 Jan 2024

A welcome back to the Weekly Newsletters, an Update on Grey Aztecs and Little Tools, and a look at the work we did on the Season 15 Collection Box Set Trailer!


Hello all and Happy New Year!

Wecome finally back to the Weekly Newsletter!

This week we returned to work after our winter break, which was much needed. The time off that has left us rejuvinated and ready to start work on the many plans and projects we already have lined up in this new year.

The Week Reviewed

Mid way through the week we all returned to work, so this week was predominanlty catching up and going over everything that we need to do. While certain orders continued to go out over the winter break, there was a lot that had to wait.

We've had meeting on how we're going to tackle certain things and how to get everything out as soon as we can.

Little 14th Tools

Now that we're back, we are getting on with the Little 14th Tools. These are hand painted so take some time to do as they're fiddly but we believe they will start shipping out next week as all orders are printed and in varying stages of being painted.

Grey Aztecs

Starting the year off right, the first few Grey Aztecs will be making their way out the door and into the wild. This first few will be the closely followed by the next lot. Kasim has been working tirelessly even over the winter break to get these ready to go out.

Josh M will be cutting some more vinyl decals for the tins over the weekend, and James will be laser cutting some more foam to house the props.

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience and can't wait to see everyones reactions to them!

Season 15 Collection Box Set Trailer

In late August 2023, we got a very exciting message from Pete McTighe.

He was working on the trailer for the next collection box set and wanted to discuss the idea of having some props made up for it.

Four props were discussed, a 'Galifreyan Wayfinder', which would be completely custom job, a Dalek Gunstick, a Timelord Staser, and a holster for it to go in.

The team quickly got to work designing and working on the props.

The Dalek Gunstick and the Timelord Staser were props that we already had began to make for personal use, so they just needed some modifications and tweaking to fit the brief. Josh Howe worked on bringing the Staser to life, while Josh Martin worked to bring the Dalek Gun to life. Matt worked to make a gorgeous leather holster for the Staser.

Just prior to shooting, Pete and the team managed to find an original Timelord Rifle used in Day Of The Doctor, which they decided to use for the shoot instead.

This unfortunately meant that Josh Howe's Staser and Matt's Holster would no longer be required for the filming, but we would like to thank them for their amazing work on both props.

Below are images of the two stunning production made props!

One of the most exciting pieces was the Gallifreyan Wayfinder. Pete McTighe sent over a basic initial concept sketch, which was a good point for us to start with.

From there, Dan, James, Josh M and Kas worked to turn that initial sketch into a fully fledged prop. Working on various designs with various features. We coordinated with Pete, sending in designs, colour schemes and functionality ideas, until finally we came up with the design seen on screen. The main bulk of the modelling work was done by Dan, with some texture work then added by Kas.

From there James worked to bring the model to life, whilst Kas worked on the electronics, which were to fit in a internal pod that could be then fitted into the shell. Kasim sent the pod to James who then installed it whilst completing the final assembly.

From there we brought the props down to Wales, and delivered them to Pete, ready for shooting. We'd like to thank Pete for the opportinuty to be involved in such an amazing trailer.

Full Credits


Based on an initial concept from Pete McTighe Design by Daniel Howard, Josh Martin, James Sutton and Kasim Bhatti

Lead CAD Modeller: Daniel Howard

Texture Artist: Kasim Bhatti

Lead Prop Maker: James Sutton

Electronics Engineer: Kasim Bhatti

Dalek Gunstick:

Design by Daniel Howard, James Sutton, Kasim Bhatti and Josh Martin

Lead CAD Modeller: Daniel Howard

Graphic Designer: Jem Ward

Lead Prop Maker: Josh Martin

Electronics Engineer: Josh Martin

Timelord Staser:

Researcher: James Sutton

Lead CAD Modeller: Daniel Howard

Lead Prop Maker: Josh Howe

Staser Holster:

Designed by Matthew Woodhouse Lead Prop Maker: Matthew Woodhouse

You can watch the trailer here:

Josh Martin

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