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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 024

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Josh Martin

26 Jan 2024

An update on Little 14th Tools, Grey Aztecs, Crystal McGann's, Time PDAs, McCoy/ McGann Tools and Original Mk1 Manipulators.


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the Weekly Newsletter!

This is a very full newsletter so buckle up, we've got lots of updates on lots of projects.

Little 14th Tools

Work continues on the Little 14th Tools, with more being printed this week ready to be painted and finished. We are working as quickly as we possibly can to get these orders out, there is just a large number of orders to get through.

Grey Aztecs

Work also continues on the Grey Aztecs, we hope to have the next batch begin dispatching next week. We'd like to thank everyone for the response we've had to these, it's been a long road, trying to make sure we do these justice and we're very proud of them.

Crystal McGann Tools

The parts for the crystal McGann Tools are all printed and in various stages of painting. We've also been working on the sound boards and electronics section designs.

James and Dan have been working on getting the Collectors Edition extras all sorted.

Time PDAs

After some new photos of the props became available, we redesigned our Time PDA replicas to be more accurate. This set us back slightly as it's a new and more complex design. We are working hard to get these done as soon as we can.

In the mean time we have also been working on the Collectors Edition parts, getting everything ready for when the props themselves are ready.

McCoy/ McGann Tools

After some hefty delays with our manufacturer, we are finally on the road to getting these done. We will be receiving a sample prototype soon and around a month after that we will be receiving the final parts.

In the mean time we have been working on the stands, the sound boards, the tin decals and the foam. Jem has already finished the art work for the Collectors Editions.

We appreciate everyones patience with these and look forward to showing you some more progress.

Original Mk1 Manipulators

When not working on Grey Aztecs, Kas has been working hard on the Mk1 Manipulators. The leather parts are in various stages of being cut, as well as dyed. The next steps are casting the panels and beginning work on stitching. We look forward to bringing you more updates as we can.

Josh Martin

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