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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 025

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Josh Martin

2 Feb 2024

A General Update as well as an update on Grey Aztecs batches 2&3 and an update on Vanishing Components.


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the Weekly Newsletter!

Just a short one as lots of work continues on lots of projects.

General Update

This week Kas and Josh H got together to work on a multitude of projects.

They worked on the final few remaining Custom 14th Inspired Screwdrivers, Fob watch face plates, Grey Aztecs and more.

We're working hard to get orders out to people as fast as we can and appreciate everyones patience. It is still taking some time to work through the backlog of orders from the Winter break.

Grey Aztecs

We're working hard to get the next batch of Grey Aztecs out into the world.

Vinyl has been cut, the props themselves have been assembled and stands are cast. Foam is on its way to being done and were just putting the finishing touches on everything before they go out the door.

The next dispatch should be two batches of 10. We look forward to getting these out.

Vanishing Components

Matt has been working hard on getting the final few Vanishing component orders done, they should be completed within the next week or two.

Josh Martin

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