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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 027

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Josh Martin

16 Feb 2024

A look at the work on the Resin Stunt Mk1s, the Resin Stunt Mk2s, Jacobi Tools, Lalla Tools and Troughton Whistles!


Hello all and welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

Its been a very productive week here, with work on the Resin Stunt - Mk1s, the Burnt Out Tools, Crackle Dials, Jacobi tools and Grey Aztecs!

Grey Aztecs

More work continues on the next batches of Grey Aztecs. We're closing in on getting the next few batches out and are excited to see them in the wild!

Resin Stunt - Mk1

We're very close to getting the Resin Stunt - Mk1s being shipped out. The parts are printed and painted, all that is left is the white crackle on the handles. These should be out and finished by next week!

Which brings us nicely onto the next point...

Resin Stunt - Mk2

New to the Little Shop Props store, presenting the Resin Stunt - Mk2.

This replica is based on the later series stunt props.

The original prop was made from castings of the toy prototype, but modified to include a more 'Series 4' style slider plate.

Much like the original stunt prop, our replica features no electronics, so no lights and sound. It does however feature extension, done by sliding the slider plate up and down.

These are available now on our store page!

Burnt Out Tools

This week we've been getting the next batch of Burnt Out Tools ready.

The bodies have been crackle painted and will be sent to Josh H for weathering and final assembly some time next week!

Crackle Dial Upgrade Parts

This week we finished off and sent out all remaining Crackle Dial Upgrade Part orders!

They should be making their way to their owners now!

Jacobi Tools

We have been working hard on getting the Jacobi Tools done and dusted.

The parts are printed and nearly finished painting as well. They should be going out next week!

Troughton Whistle

Also new to our store is the Troughton Whistle!

This is a 1:1 replica, scanned directly from a screen accurate original vintage whistle. These are available as either prop only or with collectors edition packaging, which features a stand and a history art booklet!

Lalla Tools - Prop Only

This week all the Lalla Tool - Prop only orders were sent out, the Collectors edition orders will be posted next week, just a bit more work on the stands to do!

Josh Martin

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