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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 029

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Josh Martin

1 Mar 2024

A look at our prototype McCoy/ McGann Tools, an update on the Little 14th Tools, Burnt Out Tools, and more!


Hello all and welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

An exciting and productive week, with lots going on.

In this newsletter there is an update on our McCoy/ McGann Tools, a look at the progress on our Crystal McGann Tools, an update on the Little 14th Tools, and a look at our Burnt Out Tool Progress.

McCoy/ McGann Tools

After a long delay by our manufacturer, we finally received our prototype parts. We are delighted with how they turned out. They feature the accurate extension method, via a button on the handle. For those who ordered theirs with sound, you can activate the sound in both the closed and open positions.

With these prototype parts up to par, production can begin on the final run. We estimate our manufacturer will take about 25-30 days to make the parts. Once we have them it shouldn't be long until they are sent out to their respective new owners!

In the mean time we are putting together sound boards, as well as all the other parts of the projects we need to complete them.

Burnt Out Tools

The remaining burnt out tool orders are being finished up as we speak.

We are currently working on the stands and other extras for the Collectors Edition orders!

Little 14th Tools

Matt has been working very hard on getting the Little 14th Tool orders painted and ready to ship. Another batch of 25 will be heading out the door next week, with further batches heading out not long after.

Grey Aztecs

Recipients of the next batch of Grey Aztecs will have received a message this week confirming their shipping address ready for their Grey Aztecs to be dispatched!

Crystal McGann Tools

Work continues on the Crystal McGann Tools, with more painting being done this week. The next steps include the weathering and texturing, before assembly and final electronics fitting.

New Look - Mr Emporium Playing Cards

New to the Little Shop Props store are these Mr Emporium Playing Cards.

Using the original base deck graphics, we have meticulously recreated each detail seen on screen.

These also come in with a beautiful protective box, with custom graphics.

Josh Martin

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