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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 030

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Josh Martin

8 Mar 2024

An update on Burnt Out Tools, Little 14th Tools and Grey Aztecs!


Hello all and welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

A busy week this week as members of the team have been working away nonstop on orders, whilst James prepares to head to Sheffield for Fantom Films event 'Valiant'. It's been a week of things ticking over really. Unfortunately Kasim and Matthew have fallen slightly ill, we wish them a speedy recovery!

Burnt Out Tools

The Remaining Burnt Out Tool orders have now been shipped, with the exception of the Collectors edition orders, which have been shipped to Kasim to receive their final packaging.

Little 14th Tools

A batch of Little 14th Tools is now complete and will be headed out the door soon.

As mentioned, Matthew has been under the weather this week so will be dispatching the orders when he is feeling better.

Grey Aztecs

Another Batch of Grey Aztecs has been sent out to their new owners!

We are working on the remaining orders as quickly as we can and hope to have them out soon.


We are retiring a number of our products, to make space for new ones but also to clean up the shop a bit. You have until the end of this month to order those products, before they leave the store forever.

If you use the code LASTCHANCE15 you will receive a 15% discount upon checkout.

Josh Martin

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