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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 031

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Josh Martin

15 Mar 2024

An update on our Lalla Tools, Little 14th Tools, and news about our trip to Wales!


Hello all and welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

Another busy week working non stop on orders, prototypes and more. We've been working on a multitude of orders, from Crystal McGann tools, Vanishing Components, Little 14th Tools, and more.

This will be the last newsletter for a few weeks as Daniel, Josh M, James and Kasim are headed down to Wales to work on the Cream Season 4 Sonic Screwdriver Replicas, with Rubbertoe Replicas.

Lalla Tool - Collectors Edition

Another batch of Collectors Edition Lalla Tool orders was sent out this week to their respective owners.

Little 14th Tools

Another 30 sets of Little 14th Tools has headed out the door this week. Matt has done an amazing job on them despite his illness last week. We hope to have more batches out soon, and we appreciate everyones patience.

Grey Aztecs

Batch two of the Grey Aztecs has now been sent out, and we are working on the next batch. If you missed the original run these are available to preorder on our site now.

For a closer look, check out this amazing review from Same Sonic Different Case!


Another reminder that we are retiring a number of our products, to make space for new ones but also to clean up the shop a bit. You have until the end of this month to order those products, before they leave the store forever.

If you use the code LASTCHANCE15 you will receive a 15% discount upon checkout.

Knowledge Imprinters

The tubes have been machined for the first few knowledge imprinters and the remaining parts are printed and painted. We will be wiring these up and sending them out once we return from Rubbertoe Replicas.

Oh, What's Occurring?

Once again four of our team members are headed down to Wales to do some freelance work with Nick Robatto of Rubbertoe Replicas. This time we will be working on the Series 4 Cream Variant.

We will be away from the 17th of March to the 6th of April, but fret not, Matthew and Josh H, as well as Jem will still be working on various items on our shop.

Valiant 2024

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Fantom Events convention 'Valiant 2024'.

James went up to Sheffield to display and sell some of our props and products, as well as displaying some of our screen used acquisitions.

We were delighted to meet so many fans of the show as well as fans of our work! Thank you again to Fantom Events for the opportunity.

Photo credits to Paul Phipps-Williams

St Louis Science Center

Exciting news for our friends across the pond, the Doctor Who Exhibit at the St Louis Science Center has been extended to the end of the year!

We made 11 archival replicas to be displayed along side a collection of screen and production used props.

Josh Martin

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