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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 032

Issue 5.png

Josh Martin

12 Apr 2024

An Update on Grey Aztecs, Tri Sliders, Time PDAs, Spider Sapphire Crystals and more.


Hello and welcome back to the Little Shop Props Newsletter.

After a brief hiatus, when four of our team were in Wales, we are back home and back to it.

This week has been a lot about getting everything going again and getting back up to speed.

We have been working on Spider Crystals, Knowledge Imprinters, Lalla Tools, Grey Aztecs, Tri Slider Aztecs and Little 14th Tools.

Lalla Tool

Whilst in Wales we recieved a few more Lalla Tool orders. We are currently working on getting these out. We hope to have them out by the end of next week.

Little 14th Tools

Matthew has been working as hard as he can on the Little 14th Tools. He has been doing a fantastic job working through the large backlog of orders.

Another batch is scheduled to go out in about a week to a week and a half.

Grey Aztecs

Kasim is back and working on Grey Aztecs. Work on the replicas themselves is going well, and attention turns to the packaging.

More foam has been ordered for the tins, and laser cutting for that will commence next week. Vinyl has also been cut for the tins and that is ready to be applied.


We would like to thank everyone who participated in the last chance sale. We will be working on getting those orders out as soon as we can, for now, we wish those products well in their retirement.

Knowledge Imprinters

More tubes have been cut, while the accompanying resin pieces are being prepped currently. We hope to have the first few out in the next few weeks.

Time PDA

An update on the Time PDAs, but not one we would hope to be bringing you.

Upon returning from Wales, ready to crack on with the Time PDAs, we have discovered that the parts we had printed and prepped have warped massively.

While this does set us back unfortunately, we are glad this happened here and now rather than when in someones collection.

We have taken steps to ensure that this will not happen in future and parts are being re printed. We are not sure of the release time for these given the set back but we will keep updates coming in the newsletter.

Spider Sapphire Crystal

Work on the Spider Crystals has begun, after a new mold was made. This new mold should help ensure a cleaner finish.

We expect these to start shipping soon.

Tri Slider Aztec

Work continues on the Tri Slider Aztecs, with the first batch of filled bodies being sanded and ready to paint. They have also received their primer coat, ready for crackle painting.

We are looking forward to seeing how these come out and look forward to getting them out to their respective owners as soon as possible.

We are currently working on the other parts of the release, such as the tins, the foam, the vinyl, the stands and the booklets.

Josh Martin

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