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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 033

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Josh Martin

19 Apr 2024

An Update on the McCoy/McGann Tools, Little 14th Tools, Mr Emporium Playing Cards and Bananna Blasters, as well as a look at the Cubitts Wicklow Glasses!


Hello everyone! 

Welcome back to the weekly newsletter! It’s been another busy week here, with work progressing on Spider Sapphire Crystals, Little 14th Tools, Tri Sliders, and McCoy McGann tools to name but a few.

McCoy/McGann Tools.

Some mixed news on the McCoy/McGann Tools.

The positive news is that the production parts have now arrived with us, meaning that we are cracking on with getting these done and dusted as soon as we can.

Work on painting and assembling the bullets is now underway, as well as work on getting the electronics sections printed and prepped.

The bad news is that one of the parts arrived in a state that is unacceptable by our standards. The part in question is the handle, which came with very obvious and unsightly machining marks. 

This piece has now been returned to our manufacturer, in order to rectify it. We will naturally continue to work on all the other aspects of this screwdriver in the mean time, ready for final assembly once the new handle parts have been rectified.

We will keep you all updated through this newsletter and our instagram posts as to progress on these.

Little 14th Tools

Matthew has been continuing to work on the Little 14th Tool orders, working hard on the 1:6th scale orders as well as the 1:13th scale orders.

We hope to have the next batch out within a week.

Mr Emporium's Playing Cards

Our final production sample has been approved, after a few small accuracy tweaks. The full run should be arriving in the next two weeks, from there all the current orders will be sent out!

MK1 Banana Blasters

Grips and parts are well on their way to being printed, with the grips soon ready for their trip to Josh Howe to receive their wood grain paint job.

While those are being worked on we tested out our final prototype stand, which is included in the collectors edition orders, and we are over the moon with how it has come out. 

We look forward to bringing you more updates on these as and when we can.

Cubitts Wicklow Glasses

Welcoming to our site... The Cubitts Wicklow Glasses!

Cubitts Wicklows in the Light Turtle colourway, as worn by David Tennant in the 2023 Specials. 

Elegant and timeless. Wicklow’s oval design is a subtle compromise between round and rectangle frames, making it a universal choice for all faces. Wicklow features hockey temples and a traditional keyhole bridge, sitting on the sides of the upper nose.  

  • Premium cellulose acetate

  • Pin-drilled signature Cubitts rivets

  • 2/3 charniere hinges with Teflon coated screws

  • UV protection


  • ZEISS ClearView Lenses

  • Cubitt's protective case

  • Cleaning Cloth

  • Free servicing via any Cubitts Store. 

For sizing information, you can visit the Cubitts Website and for those needing prescription lenses, you can easily get the clear lenses exchanged by Cubitts or your local optometrist after the fact. We present these to you in collaboration with Timetoparquet, who is a supplier of Screen-Accurate cloth, costume parts, accessories, and more.

These are for preorder as they are being made for us by Cubitts currently. They are estimated to ship in early summer!

Josh Martin

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