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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 035

Issue 5.png

Josh Martin

3 May 2024

An Update on McCoy/McGann Tools, Grey Aztecs, Little 14th Tools, Time PDAs and more!


Hello everyone! 

Welcome back to the weekly newsletter!

Its been another productive week here at LSP.

Time PDAs

Replacement parts are still being printed for the Time PDAs, and we are working hard on those. We have changed the resin they are printed in and have found that there has been no warping so far, which is very positive.

We have continued onto priming and painting some of the parts.

McCoy/McGann Tools

We've been working hard on the McCoy/McGann Tools, with more work being done on painting the emitter bullets.

We have also received word from our manufacturers who seem to have sorted the issue on the handle. Those parts should be making their way to us soon.

Little 14th Tools

Matt is still working very hard on the Little 14th Tool orders. He has recently returned to University and is having to juggle both his studies and working on the orders, which is why they are taking a little bit of time to complete, but he is working as hard as he can. Another batch should be headed out soon.

Final Option Keys

We have also been working on the outstanding Final Option Key orders.

The internal pieces are now complete and ready to be put in their acrylic cases. We estimate these will be dispatched next week.

Knowledge Imprinters

The tubes for the remaining orders have been turned by James and Terry, ready to be fitted with electronics and the end sections once finished.

The resin pieces are also printed and primed ready for painting.

Grey Aztecs

James is working on another batch of foam for the Grey Aztec tins. Once this is done it will be sent up to Kasim. We hope to have another batch of Grey Aztecs sent out in roughly two weeks from now

We thank everyone for their patience with these.

Mr Emporium Playing Cards

We have finally recieved the batch of cards from the manufacturers. This means that all playing card orders will be shipping imminently!


London Independent Film Festival

Last weekend, Josh and James ventured down to London to attend the London Independent Film Festival, at which Finger Food was screened.

The evening was lovely and it truly was quite surreal to see the film that we had worked on shown on the big screen.

Finger Food ended up winning 'Best Sci-Fi Short Film' at the festival so a huge congratulations to everyone involved in the films making!

Spider Sapphire Crystals

James has been working on laser cutting the stands for the Spider Sapphire Crystals.

We have redesigned the stand for this latest release and are very happy with how it looks.

Josh Martin

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