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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 036

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Josh Martin

10 May 2024

An Update on McCoy/McGann Tools, Original Mk1 Manipulators and a general update.


Hello All, and welcome back to the Newsletter.

A short newsletter this week, but a productive week.

Original Mk1 Manipulators

All the pieces have now been precision cut on our cutting machine and have arrived with Kas.

He will be working on stitching them up shortly, in the mean time he has been working on casting up panels and getting electronics sorted. There has been an exciting development that Kas has cooked up. Were still ironing a few things out but expect a post soon.

McCoy/McGann Tools

This week we got all the Halos assembled. They are now ready to be put onto the rest of the replicas. We’re also currently working on getting all of the sound boards made up.

Kas has made a master for the stands as well which has been sent to Josh H to cast and paint.

James has also been working on getting foam for the tins done.

Space Babies?

Well, not space babies..

We would like to take a moment to congratulate our graphic artist, Jem and his partner on the birth of their first child.

Wilfred was born late last thursday, and weighed aproximately two adipose.

General Update.

We have a lot of projects bubbling away at the moment, all at a point where they dont really require theyre own segment of the newsletter.

James has been working hard on a lot of laser cutting. Getting the Banana Blaster foam and stands done, the whistle stands done, the Crystal McGann foam done and more.

Kas has molded the master for the Crystal McGann stand and is begining to cast crystals soon. He has also been working on the sound boards for those.

Josh M has been working on printing various different orders, including the resin stunt Mk1s and Mk2s as well as a few Burnt Tools for Josh H.

Josh Martin

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