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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 037

Issue 5.png

Josh Martin

17 May 2024

An Update on Troughton Whistles, Captains Earpieces and Grey Aztecs, as well as a look at the new Gold Tooth and Played Pair replicas!


Hello All, and welcome back to the Newsletter.

We continue to push on with various items.

Troughton Whistles

With some final tweaks being made to the model, attention turned to the stands.

These have now all been assembled and are ready to go once the model is finished. We expect that these will be dispatched in the two weeks.

Captain’s Earpieces

Work has begun on the Captain’s Earpieces, with parts begining to be printed.

The electronic components for these have also been bought and will be installed as and when they can.

We estimate about three weeks for these.

Gold Tooth

Introducing to the store, the Gold tooth replica.

This item is resin printed and painted with a chrome gold finish.

Made to order so production times can vary.

Played Cards

Also introducing the played pair.

The two hero cards, professionally printed and recreated using the same imagery as the originals.

Grey Aztecs

Some more paint work done this week on the series 1-2 Grey Aztecs.

We are on the final two batches of series 3 Grey Aztecs. Once these are out we will be sending out the series 1-2 orders.

The next batch of Grey Aztecs should be going out in about two weeks, were just working on some more foam for the tins.

Josh Martin

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