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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 038

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Josh Martin

24 May 2024

An Update on our Laser Cutter, McCoy/ McGann Tools, Grey Aztecs and more!


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the Newsletter.

A mixed week here, with good, bad and ugly. Lots to cover.

Laser Cutter.

Getting the bad and the ugly out of the way first.

As some of you may have seen from our Instagram and Facebook post, there was a serious incident involving the Laser Cutter.

Early Thursday morning a serious fire broke out surrounding the laser cutter, this seems to have been cause by an electrical issue. As a result of this electrical issue, the lights and automatic door on James's garage stopped working. James managed to pry his way in and extinguish the laser cutter. James suffered burns to his hand as well as inhaling a lot of smoke, he has been to A&E and been checked out. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately this incident sets us back a lot. All products that require laser cutting are delayed until we can get a replacement unit. We will keep everyone updated on this and let everyone know what specifically will be delayed.

We appreciate everyones support, this incident has shocked us quite a lot.

McCoy/McGann Tools

Good news on these, the new handle parts have arrived and are much better. Assembly has already begun on these, and is progressing nicely.

Kasim will be sending down soundboards in the next week and a half to fit in all the orders that have sound.

Unfortunately, this is a project that will be affected by the laser cutter issue. All collectors edition orders will be delayed as we will not be able to laser cut the foam for the tins. We will however push to get the prop only orders out as quickly as possible, as well as getting all of the work done on the collectors edition orders, ready for when we have resolved the laser cutter issue.

Grey Aztecs

Not good news for the Grey Aztecs. With another batch nearly done and ready to send out, all we needed to do was get the foam done for the tins. Unfortunately this wont be possible now until our laser cutter issues are resolved.

In the mean time we will work to get another batch done and ready to dispatch once we can laser cut foam again. Once again we apologise for the delay, but unfortunately there isnt much we can do in this situation.

Classic Tools

We have been working hard on getting the Classic Tool orders done. This week we got some assembly done, with the main bulk finished.

We also did all the tape detailing on the screwdrivers.

Next week we will be tackling Halo assembly and stand painting.

Kasim's Shop

Some exciting news, Kas has managed to get himself a workshop unit. This is amazing both for his workflow and capacity, as well as the workflow and capacity of the company.

Plans are already in place to go up to his shop to work on Tri Sliders, and team member Josh Howe has already joined him to assist with Grey Aztecs.

This is a very exciting and important step forward in our journey and will improve the speed at which we can get products out.

Gold Teeth

Work on the Gold Teeth has begun, with the first batch being printed, sanded and primed.

These will be painted up soon and sent out.

and finally a message from James:

Hello everyone, thank you for all the kind words and well wishes.

Please note, I DO NOT recommend going into a burning building, it’s not particularly fun and is very dangerous, so avoid this at all costs. When I initially went inside I hadn’t processed how serious the situation might’ve gotten behind the sealed door, so I am a special kind of Idiot. Luckily things went as well as they could’ve done for me and I managed to put out the fire before it spread further.

I have been to A&E and the second degree burns on my hand have been treated, so everything is on the mend there and I’m currently being monitored for further respiratory issues following the large inhalation of smoke I suffered.

Despite me not being able to respond everyone just yet, know that I have seen all the comments and messages and it’s certainly helped keep my spirits up, so thank you again it means a great deal.

Josh Martin

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