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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 039

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Josh Martin

31 May 2024

An update on our laser cutter situation, Troughton Whistles, Spider Sapphire Crystals and more!


Hello All, and welcome back to the LSP Newsletter.

Its been a better week here, but as I'm sure you can imagine we are still recovering from the events of last week. This week has been a lot about changing tack and focusing on orders that we can do and get out without the use of a laser cutter.

We are also still moving forward as best we can with projects that do require the use of a laser cutter in order to minimise the delay once that situation has been resolved.

Laser Cutter.

Well, lets start this newsletter the way we did last week, talking about a laser cutter.

We have now ordered a new laser cutter, which is the positive news.

It will take some time to get delivered and set up, as well as transferring our materials from James's workshop to Kasim’s.

We will work as hard as we can to get this ironed out and dealt with as soon as possible, in order to minimise the delays to all projects that require its use.

We appreciate everyones patience with us during this tricky situation and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.

Troughton Whistles

Work on the model was finalised this week and printing has begun.

We will be doing the finishing work on these next week and hope to have them shipped mid next week.

The stands are all done so both collectors edition and prop only orders will be sent out with no delay from the laser cutter situation.

Spider Sapphire Crystals

Kasim has been working hard on the Spider Sapphire Crystals, they have been cast and sanded down, the next step is clear coating and then they will be dispatched.

MCM London

Thank you to everyone who came and chatted to us at MCM!

We had a fantastic time displaying alongside Project Dalek.

We loved chatting to everyone who came by and were excited to display some things that have not been displayed before, including the Dalek Gunstick from the Season 15 Collection Box Set Trailer, and the new Little Shop Props Grey Robatto Prototype!

Final Option Keys

The final option keys are now all finished and ready to be dispatched. These will be dispatched early next week.

Captains Earpieces

Painting has begun on the Captains Earpieces, while other parts are still being printed. Work is progressing nicely and we look forward to bringing everyone updates as we can.

Lathe and Mill

As one machine goes, as it were...

James picked up a Lathe and Mill from friend of LSP Archive and Future, who was looking to downsize his set up. We are looking forward to the projects that will be possible now that we have these machines!

Josh Martin

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