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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 040

Issue 5.png

Josh Martin

7 Jun 2024

An Update on Jump Discs, Drivers Licence Holders, McCoy Keys, Knowledge Imprinters and more!


Hello Everyone and Welcome back to the Weekly Newsletter.

Its been a productive week, working hard to get things done and shipped out.

Troughton Whistles.

This week the Whistle prints were finished off, weathered and clear coated. The Prop Only orders have now gone out, and the Collectors Edition orders will be going out early to mid next week.

Jump Discs

The main bulk of the work on these is now done, all that is left is the yellow pieces and final assembly. The Yellow pieces are printed and primed ready for painting. They will be going out early next week.

Postal Cube Kits

Kasim has been printing the final few pieces of the Postal Cube Kits. These should be dispatched next week.

Little 14th Tools

Kasim has printed what should be the last batch of Little 14th Tools. These will be heading over to our team member Matthew to paint before they’re sent out.

We appreciate Everyones patience with these.

Big Finish Day

We are delighted to announce that some of our team will be attending Big Finish Day tomorrow.

We will be displaying original props used on the cover artwork, in motion trailers and official photoshoots for Big Finish Productions.

Knowledge Imprinters

Work is progressing nicely on the Knowledge Imprinters.

The Opening variants are nearly finished and should be dispatched towards the end of next week.

The other variants are also progressing nicely and should be going out around the same time.

Driving License Holders

Construction has begun on the Driving Licence Holders. Naturally all Collectors Edition orders will be delayed until we can Laser Cut some stands for them.

We hope to dispatch these soon.

Original MK1 Manipulators

All the prep work is now complete and stitching and assembly can begin. We look forward to getting on with these and getting them out.

McCoy Keys

All McCoy Keys are now finished and will be dispatched early next week.

Gold Dodechahedrons

All Gold Dodecahedrons are now finished and will be dispatched early next week.

Josh Martin

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