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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 041

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Josh Martin

21 Jun 2024

An Update on Troughton Whistles, Gold Teeth, Driving Licence Holders, and what we've been up to in the last two weeks!


Hello All and welcome back to the LSP newsletter.

Its been a very busy couple of weeks, both orders and work wise, to events we were lucky enough to be a part of.

Lots to cover so lets dive in.

Troughton Whistles

Tins have arrived for the Collectors Edition orders of the Troughton Whistles. We are currently working on getting the vinyl decals cut and aplied to the tins, before packing up the orders and sending them out. We expect these to go out late next week.

Gold Teeth

Josh Howe has been working away on getting the gold teeth done and dusted.

They have been printed, primed and painted with a lovey shiny gold chrome.

These will be headed out the door soon!

Big Finish Day

Some of the team attended Big Dinish day on the 8th of June. They were displaying props that have been used on various big finish covers, trailers and collection box set trailers.

Whilst there, some Big Finish cast members got to grips with some of their character props!

Tim Treloar, who plays the Third Doctor for Big Finish got to grips with Our Classic Pertwee Tool and Vanishing Component.

Actor Stephen Noonan, who plays the First Doctor for Big Finish was glad he had a Liquid Connector to hand.

Actor and Writer Sadie Miller, who plays Sarah Jane Smith had a close encounter with our Regenerated Stone Hand.

On top of this we were delighted to gift her a Sladen Lipstick. Sadie, who is infact the daughter of the late, great and sorely missed Lis Sladen, posed for photos with her new accessory. It was a very moving moment for the team who grew up as fans of Lis, and her character Sarah Jane Smith, both in the main show and her spin off. We’re very happy that Sadie liked the prop!


We were delighted to once again attend a Fantom Films event.

This time some of the team ventured up to Milton Keynes for Utopia.

We displayed some of our screen used props as well as our replicas.

We were delighted to be joined by The Space Museum, as well as Dalek Delta, never seen a Dalek before?

We were also very happy to see friend of LSP and someone we have worked with previously, the lovely Debbie Chazen. We were able to reunite her with one of the original "Shore Leave" Tickets from when she appeared in Voyage of the Damned.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to chat!

Knowledge Imprinters

Work continues on the Knowledge Imprinters. Some small delays have set them back slightly but we hope to have them out in the next two weeks.

Driving License Holders

Kasim continues to work on the Driving Licence Holders with the stitching work beginning.

We look forward to bringing you more updates soon

Laser Cutter

Our new laser cutter has now arrived and is being set up. We will be getting to grips with it in the next week or so and hopefully back up and running fully soon.

Rubbertoe Rivers

We are delighted to have a hand in another run with our friends at Rubbertoe Replicas. Last week Josh Martin worked on painting up and assembling the prototype for this run.

The prototype has now been sent to Kasim to install electronics, with James travelling up to help and do final assembly together. From there it will be sent down to Sunny Barry for its close up shots...

Josh Martin

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