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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 042

Issue 5.png

Josh Martin

28 Jun 2024

Introducing Our Troughton Penlights! As well as an update on Whistles, Grey Aztecs, McCoy/ McGann Tools and Cubitts Wicklow Glasses!


Hello everyone and welcome back to the Weekly Newsletter.

Another busy week here, with lots going on so lets get straight into it.

Troughton Penlights

Introducing our newest product, The Troughton Penlight!

Our 1:1 Prop Replica recreated using access to the only known example of this accurate style of vintage Penlight. 

This replica has been made using CNC’d Aluminium and Coloured Resin, with the ability to light up as standard. Additionally you can opt for sound fx to be installed in your replica. 

Both functionality variations are available as Prop Only or alternatively there is also the Collector’s Edition, which comes with a laser cut acrylic display stand, information art booklet and storage tin. 

A huge thank you to Lee Moone for his help on this release, you can find out more about the history of this design over on his blog. Products are made to order.

Provisional Expected shipping time is Late August

Troughton Whistles

The first batch of Troughton Whistle Collectors Edition orders went out today, those should start arriving in the next few days for UK customers and within the next two weeks for international customers.

Grey Aztecs

Our new laser cutter is now set up and will begin its work soon.

This means laser cutting the foam for the Grey Aztecs.

James is currently up with Kasim in order to get ahead on the laser cutting duties and get everything set up. We hope to bring you some more updates soon on the grey aztecs.

McCoy/ McGann Tools

The McCoy/ McGann Tools are now making their way out into the world.

The first to go out the door are the Prop Only, No Sound orders.

With the laser cutter backlog we have opted to send out the Prop Only orders first in order to not delay the run any further.

The next McCoy/ McGann orders to go out will be the Prop Only, Sound orders.

James and Kas are working hard to get the foam done for the tins for all collectors edition orders so do not fret, they will not be too far behind.

We appreciate everyones patience.

Cubitts Wicklow Glasses

We have now recieved the shipment of Cubitts Glasses. We are working on packing them up and getting them shipped out to customers as quickly as possible.

They will start going out at the end of this week and early next week!

Josh Martin

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