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Little Shop Newsletter - Issue 043

Issue 5.png

Josh Martin

5 Jul 2024

An update on our Tri Sliders, Grey Aztecs, McCoy/ McGann Tools and Crackle Dials


Hello all and welcome back to the Weekly Newsletter.

A busy week in many respects, but a short newsletter.

Some of the team headed back down to Barry, Wales, to finish off the Cream Variant S4 Sonic Screwdrivers with Rubbertoe Replicas.

Work continues also on our projects, getting ready for the team to all be back to work.

Tri Slider Aztecs

Painting is underway for our original run of Tri Slider Aztecs.

This is some prep work before most of the team ventures up to Kasim's workshop to crack on with the run.

On the 19th of July, Josh M, Dan and James will travel up to Kasims workshop. There we will be painting and assembling the Tri Slider run.

After our time working with Rubbertoe Replicas, we feel confident that we can get a large chunk of the work completed over that time.

We appreciate everyones patience with these and we look forward to bringing you a large update later this month.

Crackle Dials

The outstanding Crackle Dial orders are dispatching today.

We look forward to people recieving their orders!

Grey Aztecs

Once Kasim is back from Wales, work on the Grey Aztecs will continue. The Laser Cutter is set up and working now so it is a matter of cutting out foam for the next batch of Grey Aztecs.

The team will also all be lending a hand later in the month when we go to Kasim's workshop.

McCoy/ McGann Tools

We have now tested out the new soundboard we have made. This soundboard was made to boost the volume of the sound.

Now that this test has been done, we can get on with programing the boards for the run. We look forward to bringing more updates soon.

Josh Martin

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