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1:1 metal light up filming prop replicas, which have red and black neck wires, gold base coat and colony cream crackle top coat paint on the handle.

If you pay in full, you get a confirmed edition number immediately. If you pay in 2 halves your edition number will be assigned when you pay the second half.  

All half payments and 50% of full payments are non refundable deposits.

Available in 2 variants:

  • The Rose Variant WITHOUT grub screws on the crackle handle section.
  • The AOL/WW3 Variant WITH black grub screws on the crackle handle section.

Additionally they can be fitted with sound FX.  

The collector’s edition packaging includes:

  • A bronze cast resin stand with red detailing.
  • An infomation booklet with artwork designed by our graphic artist.
  • A tin featuring vinyl decals and laser cut foam inserts.
  • an additional end cap which allows for improved sound volume.

Please note: If you choose to do the half payment, you will have to pay the other half before receiving your item. The first half payment is non-refundable.

Made to order, so production times may vary.

Cream Aztec

Expected to ship in Winter 2024
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