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Resin cast face plate and inside plate for Fob Watch Modifications, Fits the Sekonda 3469 and 3468.


To convert the watch you’ll need to remove or break the glass in the centre of the cover and glue the plates together onto the front and inside.


Due to the thinness of these plates some warping can occur during the posting process, to correct this you just have to apply pressure on the warped sections during the gluing process. If necessary you can also lightly warm the plates to make them more malleable. (But not too much as they can snap)


To finish you’ll need to spray paint the watch Gold, then with a cloth or brush rub in either black paint or shoe polish to weather it. A clear coat to protect the paint could also be necessary.


Perfect for having a break from being yourself.

Fob Watch Face Plate

SKU: 18
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