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Working on Doctor Who and other Film & TV productions with the talented team of makers.


Doctor Who

The Legend Of The Sea Devils

In 2021, James Sutton got the opportunity to work at Robert Allsopp & Associates in London, after being invited down by Robert Allsopp.

He worked closely with Hal Townsend, Begoña Fernández Martin, Kyle Whittington and others from the talented team at RA&A on multiple Film and TV projects. One of these projects was "The Legend Of The Sea Devils", the Doctor Who Easter Special which came out in 2022.

Robert Allsopp and Hal Townsend had done the sculpt for the new Sea Devil head design and had completed some which had already gone to set.

When he was there they completed 5 new heads, including the stunt head for the lead Captain Sea Devil. James worked on each of these heads at various stages in their construction, trimming the latex pulls down, attaching the necks, adding a slit in the back with Velcro attached to close the heads up, blending the added on sections with latex and finally applying many layers of paint with Hal ready for them to head off to filming.

James also worked on a Film which is yet to be released and he finished up his time there by briefly doing some work relating to the new Cybermen/Cyber Masters for the "Power Of The Doctor" Centennial special. 

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