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Over the years we've had the privilege of working alongside prop maker, Nicholas Robatto in varying capacities on several of the licensed prop replicas that he's produced from the show Doctor Who at his company Rubbertoe Replicas.


Rubbertoe Replicas 4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

The 4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

In 2016 whilst doing work experience at Rubbertoe Replicas James Sutton was asked to join the team helping make the official 4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver replica.

He was tasked with designing the internal mechanisms and manufacturing an engineering prototype with the help of Terry Poole to demonstrate how the products would fit together and function. This prototype was completed just before New Years in 2016.

A year later in December of 2017 James went to work on assembling the first batch of Sonics at Rubbertoe's workshop in Barry, Wales.


Romana's Sonic Screwdriver Prototypes

Whilst working on the 4th Doctor Replicas James Sutton was asked by Rubbertoe if he'd be interested in producing a prototype for the Sonic Screwdriver that was used by the Time Lady/Companion Romanadvoratrelundar in the classic episode "The Horns Of Nimon".

Having already done extensive research on the prop, he agreed and made two prototypes with the help of machinist Terry Poole in 2018.

Rubbertoe Replicas Romana Sonic Screwdriver


Rubbertoe Replicas Psychic Paper Prop Replica

Click HERE to read the Psychic Paper Write up

Psychic Papers

In February of 2022 we pitched the idea of making a run of officially licensed Psychic Paper replicas to Rubbertoe. After some discussion and prototyping the run was deemed viable and we set about making the first 100.

In December 2022 a further 50 were produced by Kasim in time for Christmas.

Materials & research: James Sutton

Pattern maker: Daniel Howard.

Fabric cutting & assembly: Ms Fareeda Akhtar

Leather work: Kasim Rehman Bhatti

Graphics: Josh Martin 


Laser Screwdriver's Crackle Dial

During the production of the Official Master's Laser Screwdriver replicas, Rubbertoe asked us for assistance on modelling the crackle dial section of the prop after an issue had arisen with the original planned cast resin sections. 

James got access to pictures of the original filming prop's dial section and from there Kasim began painstakingly sculpting each of the individual crackle lines onto the digital model Daniel had made.

Once this was done Josh Martin printed out the model and made some painting prototypes to help make sure it captured the character of the original piece. This model was then sent to Rubbertoe to print and add to the props.

References & Research: James Sutton

CAD Design: Daniel Howard
Digital Sculpting: Kasim Rehman Bhatti

Prototyping: Josh Martin

Rubbertoe Replicas Laser Screwdriver Prop Replica
Rubbertoe Replicas 9th/10th Doctor Wide Slider Sonic Screwdriver Prop Replica Prototype


Prototype 9th/10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Prop Replica

In mid 2022 we researched, designed and made this prototype Sonic Screwdriver prop. This then served as a prototype for a run of Officially Licensed 9th/10th Doctor replicas to be made by our team with help from Nicholas Robatto and then sold by Rubbertoe Replicas. This run is currently in development.

Research & project management: James Sutton

CAD Design: Daniel Howard

Paint work and Electronics: Kasim Rehman Bhatti

Assembly: Josh Martin

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